Lethe 2021

Thin Place 2020

jugular – November 2019

shedding – October 2019

incubation – Cardiff bay August 2019

Japan – KYOTO with ANTIBODIES June 2019

Japan Throat blue – TOKYO may 2019

Lent 2019

Windows at night, The courtyard Hereford 14/11/2018

Bryn Celli ddu, Artist residency June 2018. Anglesey Wales.

Working with CADW at Heritage site and archaeological dig. Bryn Celli ddu is an Neolithic monument with no known history. I worked with findings of an ear bone and cone  that were found in the Victorian excavation.

There’s something in the walls other than pipe, brick and wire

Experimentica Festival, Cardiff 11/04/2018

Body of Work – Experiment in Terror.

Experiment in Terror – Chapter Arts Center 02/02/18

Body of Work – Experiment in Terror.

Shower Seance – Lost Vegas Hotel Cardiff 15/12/17

Body of Work – Experiment in Terror.

The happenings

Body of Work – Experiment in Terror.

The drawings

Experiment in Terror was supported by the Arts Council Of Wales – Many Thanks thumbnail_Lottery_funding_strip_portrait_colour

Berlin Residency – June 2017

Maroon Bathroom infiltrates my dreams, Green Bathroom infiltrates my dream. Your in a club – alone and dancing. Your sisters there. Your thinking of noises bouncing off the walls, behind the wall, travelling pipes and wires, drowning light escapes through plugs.

The Girl/Boy who 2017

A daily ritual that occurred over 40 days. A drawing/painting/print with performative photo.

Sex Change Disco 2016

A performance that came out a printed dream I had. I was at a disco in Iceland. The lights were lilac. I was moving through a crowd immersed in smoke. The figures were men, were women. The figures were women, were men.

Dealing with issues of safe space, Brexit and the Gay club shooting in Orlando.

A collaborative work with Writer Susie Wild.

Red Ruin 2015

In losing Ellie, In losing Kim. My friends and my creative energy. I make a ruin, I wear red, I paint in red and I sing in the dark.

Raven Girl 2015

Murder Ballad 2014

A Durational performance as part of Experimentica, dealing with myth, folklore and ghost stories. Documented in song and large scale prints.

The Act of Performance 2014

A two week residency that concluded with three performance nights, exploring the mouth and it’s uncleanliness. Use of sculpture, film and body to build an evolving installation in three parts.

Yellow wallpaper 2014

A collaboration working alongside Ellen mai wyn Jones. Working form the novel by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. ‘The yellow wallpaper’.

Itch 2013

Witch Hunt 2013

Little Green, Little Tokyo, Little eye 2012

Bang her/Ban her 2012

Birch 2011 Holly Boy 2011

Bill 2010

box 2009

Protoplay 2009

Drag 2008

A collection of black and white posters made based on the supernatural, spirits and Ectoplasm’s.
Performative actions took place containing scents such as oranges, Burnt matches and paprika.

Maps 2007

Neon Poser 2007

Bloody Poetry 2006

bloodypoetry (2)

Performance eclectic mix

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