The Girl who got bit on the neck, For the boy to investigate blood splatter.

The boy with a stethoscope fetish. The girl who fantasies about surgical masks.

The girl invokes blood. The boy prays for blood.

The boy who plays the drums, For the girl to flex her muscles.

The boy who brings in the light, For the girl to see a spider in her eye.

The girl who’s orifices leaked yellow. The boy in Pink.

The Boy who prepares the sounds, For the girl to enact recurring dreams.

The boy who resides in dark spaces. The girl who see’s things in the walls.

The boy who sells unusual flowers. The boy who is made of ash.

The boy with a thorn in his side. The girl who is lost in a mist.

The girl who experiments in terror. The boy with a bun and his ass of black mass.

The girl who cooks without killing. The boy with a Matta style mask.

The boy who plays with egg yolk and fire. The girl who got dust up her nose.

The girl who is made of grass. The girl who hangs expressive shapes out to dry.

The girl who hides and remains glamorous. The girl who neatly paints caves.

Selection of Lino prints and paintings, Nonsense Journeys 2016

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