Artist statement

My Artistic practice revolves around the creation of set-in-scene moments and particular events. I frequently develop dream scenes, scenes taken from fiction and popular culture as well as socially uncomfortable events into performance tableaus, which I document through drawing, painting, writing, photography and film. My performances take the form of spontaneous rituals, which with an eye for uncomfortable aesthetic compositions, are unusual to look at with balance, colour and composition of the utmost importance. They are frequently site-responsive and past sites have included: gallery spaces, private and domestic spaces as well as disused urban spaces.

I routinely try to recall memories or situations and use these reflections as the base of my creative work. My practice is also expressed through daily rituals and challenges I put upon myself. In documenting conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts; how life is art and art is life.

The work has come from horror, habits, empty buildings, dreams, nightmares, utopia, dystopia, tragedy. Things that have been lost then found but not forgotten. There is a focus on the uncanny, the surreal and the peculiar. Nothing is ever definite but everything here happens with reason. Material has been collected, foraged and transformed. A scene unfolds and inhabits body and environment.


Artist cv. Selected exhibitions and residency’s.



Experiment in terror, Chapter – 02/02/2018

Something in the walls other than pipe, brick and wire, Experimentica Festival – 11/04/2018

The sound of the sea – Basement Borscht tactileBOSCH – Angel Hotel Cardiff – 14/04/2018

Artist in Residence, Bryn Celli Du Angelsey CADW heritage – June 2018

Underground Caravan tactileBOSCH – Hub Festival Angel Hotel – 27/08/2018

Birmingham literary Festival – tactileBOSCH’s tea ceremony -Birmingham Museum 6/10/2018



The Girl/boy who – February – April.

Undertown Black and Blue, Berlin residency – Performance Tarot

Experiments in terror – August to December 2017

Shower Scene – tactileBOSCH Lost Vegas Hotel Cardiff 15/12/2017



Peski nacht – A Ravens takeaway – 04/06/2016 -25/06/2016

MIR – Sex Change Disco -14/10/2017

Garden of Earthly Delights tactileBOSCH – Cardiff 29/10/2016 – Sex Change Disco.

Heavenly Hothouse tactileBOSCH – Cardiff 06/11/2016 – A ravens takeaway.



Cadw residency, Anglesey – June – Enjoy ritual.

Artist in residence MIR – Macintosh Gardens October – Raven Girl

11/11 In Ruin 11/11/2015

Rosalaux gallery, Wedding Berlin – Red Ruins in song, 21/11/2016



The ATTIC residency – 05/01/2014 till 24/01/2014 – The Yellow Wall Paper

Made In Spring May Queen, Cardiff 4/05/2014 – Enjoy Ritual

International Performance Festival Cardiff, Arcade Cardiff – 2-22/06/2014 – The Act of Performance. Residency and performance.

Paradise Lost – Customs and Exchange, Cardiff – 24/09/2014 – Witch Hunt

Experimentica festival, Cardiff, November 2014 – murder ballad and myth



Birkenstomp Festival, Gwdihw March 2013 – Bloody Poetry

In Between Time, Bristol, 07/04/2013 – Ode to Tulips

BIT Studio’s, Cardiff March 2013 – The Fool

Metanoia, We are 4 Real Aberdare, April 2013 – Performance Vidoes (LENT)

Bath Fringe, Bath 24/05/2013 – The Dance of Life

Little House of Bosch, Cardiff – Witch Hunt

Colony, Cardigan 18/10/2013 – Itch



Wonderland II, Cardiff, 05/04/2012 – Sky Quakes performance and video.

SVA. Stroud, April 2012 – Fake Plastic tree’s.

Wells Hotel, The Tate London, August 2012, Little Tokyo.

Little Green. Eisteddfod Cardiff, August 2012 – 5 day collaboration Performance and sculpture.

Art In The Warehouse, Milgi’s Cardiff, 16/09/2012 – Little eye

BlowBack, tactileBOSCH Cardiff, 26/10/2012 – Out damned spot.



The Lent Project, February – April, Writing project.

The Art of Engagement, 2month residency The Hauge , Netherlands April – May

Moist, tactileBOSCH Cardiff, October 2011 – Birch.

Unemployed Daytime Disco, Cardiff October 2011 – Birch.

11/11/11, tactileBOSCH Cardiff 11/11/11 – Music and Art to celebrate the date.

Dirt Box, Nosda Hotel Cardiff, December 2011 – Holly Boy.



The Lent Project February – April. Writing project.

Speed dating, Newport and Bristol 15-16/05/2010. Hand rub & Moon dance.

SVA, Stroud 22/06/2010 – BILL

Watuzi Festival, Cardiff Airport 15/08/2010 – Paper aeroplanes and savoury ice-cream.

11/11, Cardiff 11/11/10 – Soup and stones.



NRLA Glasgow, 14/02/2009 – placing posts, bite me.

Shunt, London, 3/03/09 – 6/03/2009 – Protoplay 2.

Diverse Universe, Tallin Estonia, 23/04/2009 – untitled.

Diverse Universe, Parnu Estonia, 25-26/04/2009 – Box.

Plan9 Common Ground Bristol,. 18-19/08/2009 – milk my egg



NRLA Glasgow, 06-09/02/2008 – Tace:Displaced

Paparazzi, The Hague, Netherlands, 05/04/2008 – Drag

Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 17/05/2008 – Drag2

Chapter, Common Ground, Cardiff, 23/05/2008 – Smile from corner to corner.

Eisteddfod Wales, Cardiff, 04-09/08/2008 – Trace:Displaced Gwaith

CO-LAB, Artist Space Tallin, Estonia, 05-20/10/08 – Residency.

CO-LAB, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, 08/11/08 – Untitled.



Some Vacant Accommodation, Stroud, 27/01/07 – Tuna-Poetry and Wire.

Writing as a form of Prayer, 21/02/2007 – 07/04/2007 Lent project2

Tactile Bosch, May day mayhem, 5/05/2007 – Today I am to die for.

My Land Staglinec, Croatia, 16/06/2007 – Neon Posers.

Chapter Dance festival, Cardiff 22/06/2007 – 23/06/2007 – Bloody Poetry.

Tactile Bosch, Lapse, 16/10/2007 – A copper bar and a muscular arm named dick.

Experimentica, Cardiff, 18/10/2007 – Maps. An episode, foxgloves are poison.

Dark victory, Swansea 11/11/2007 – Confessions in a toilet cubical.



Conjunction Stoke on Trent, 19/05/06 – Ow a light works

Enterprise The Space London, 18/06/06– The Sorrowful mystery of the


Between the Sheets London, 22/07/06 – The Power of Orange Knickers

Paradise 1- Tactile Bosch Cardiff, 29/09/06 – Something touched me deep inside.

Paradise 2 -Tactile Bosch Cardiff, 6/10/06 – In asking my moth things.

Experimentica Cardiff, 10/10/06 – Bloody poetry (Thigh John)

Expo Nottingham, 4/11/06 – Moth Coffee

11/11 In ode to moths 2, 11/11/06 – I drank coffee and thought of you.

I confess I was there, Belfast, 16/11/06 – sitting tapping on Iron.

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